The Song of the Raging Sea

Only the tumult of a raging sea,
rocking our boats to places it needn’t be,
who dares whisper a few good words and conciliate?
For mighty is her resolve, and feeble her invaders.


Beating against our aged wooden hulls,
her stories she forces us listen,
of conquerors who’ve tried quelling her ire
and soldiers who wished not to partake.
Songs of past surface under the raging storm,
as she cries louder into the setting sun,
and our vessels are but dumb dots,
lost in a mighty gale, drifting away with no desire.
The heavens gather, to listen to her fables,
that which needs be told to every sailor passing.
She sings, in a majestic low soprano,
that the men have made merry in her midst,
carrying goods of war and crime,
that her song is the only redemption, she roars
in a frightening contralto.


The old few those who’ve listened with care,
warned us of her ire before we sailed away.
Like seasons weathering old rocks to dust, their lore,
distant and washed away,
little did the forgotten wisdom give us hand,
our wet faces, now bereft of any realization,
piecing the parts only to fail.
In the frantic cadence of her waves,
in her wild cosmic dance,
in the fearful tremors of her ballad,
we solemnly pray for the tale to twist our way,
to the young and true, she’ll say,
listen again, listen again!
That your understanding of this divine tale,
of man and his destiny shall see the light of day.


In a desperate bid for a final confluence,
we merged a raft from parts of the now wrecked hull.
She is the canvas for our dreams,
in her we float free like in our mothers’ wombs,
her story too ambitious to comprehend, we let go,
and like a violin soundtrack to God’s elegy,
her rage turns to deep sorrow.
The last voice of this universe,
like the distant hymns of a hindu sage,
she sings the song of the raging sea.

I see you now

When to the nether worlds you elope
When on the lands beneath you tread
I see you, sore and forlorn

You are freedom and you are fire
Why then have you forgotten your place
Among gods, bathed in divinity

You are an explorer, a pioneer
Why then do you not rise with the sun
Shine bright like the stars in the breathless sky

When hope pervades your heart
When bliss isn’t far
I see you, eager and spirited

To that which you can be
To worlds you cannot fathom in the dark
Be the light, be the light

Rest not until you are awake
Fear not until you are alive
I see you now, I see you now

Tides That Swept Tor – Part I

In the year of Ninety Nine, there was a singer in the town of Tor,
Loud was his voice and clear his throat, he sung all night by the shore,
Over and over, almost forever, his ballads calmed the people and the sea,
Vile monsters that roamed far north, dared not come by Tor and be,
Else the melancholy strain their hearts and it be corroded away!
Per house in tor, in temple and church, fathers and mothers say,
Old Singer by the shore, respect him kids, for he’s the paladin unsung,
Entrenched in his shack, old as the southern mountains yet young,
Today his song, deep in its wisdom, and of ancient lore,
Reverberated the town of Tor; every boy, girl and adult wanted more!
Yet his pain, unknown and uncared, everyone knew not of ’em.

Melody of the mind

Oh oh oh the sanguine day
cometh with the sun’s ray
the ambience brimmed with verve
and the occasional bird’s chirp

Beauty, and all adjectives
redefined, for a meaning finer.
the thin line that separates,
the sane real world, and it.

In a new aeon of sorts,
beyond the age of quantum field theories
a new planet to live in
and a rush of blood.

A very contemporary life,
just a motel up the sea,
livin’ it through and through,
and acknowledging the abstract.

Is it a dream come true?
oh my, but it looks real good
Pinch my hand, pinch it hard
and feel the rhythm of my heart

Its something new and super
its a life of calm
just sit and listen quiet
to the world around,

Oh oh oh the sanguine night
cometh with the moon’s shine
the ambience brimmed with love
and the occasional owl’s hoot

Majesty, and Mystery defines my song
I will oh look and look
at the beautiful sea
the sea of life, and of tranquillity.

Now I take out my flute
and play a low-pitched song,
to heal you,
and heal us, from it all.

And the notes hit into the night
mixed with the air
a cold breeze hit my head
and took me away.

In this dream of mine,
a dream in which i fly
over cities and through the skies
come along I’ll take you with,

A fee there is, to pay,
a smile on your face
and belief in Peace and Joy,
ticket to this dream of mine.

Oh oh oh the sanguine day
cometh with the sun’s ray
and on the field of grass i lay
relishing, enjoying this happy life of mine.