A Day in The Mauryan Empire

A remarkable day, it had had to be, for when Chanakya, The Philosopher and the keeper of the secrets of Politics saw what an emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya would make, and oh how right he was.

Elsewhere Alexander the great had left the far east in Ruins, and the Nanda Dynasty Ruling Northern Plains centring around The Majestic Ganges was left weak. Chandra Gupta, was the face of a new world.

A world which had for so long eluded the west. A Magical gateway to bliss and beyond, voices of sweet spring of civilization. He would go on to build an empire so vast and powerful, It would make the greek look silly. An Empire so modern and civilized, Megasthenes had no words for it.

The Maurya Empire when it was first founded by Chandragupta Maurya circa 320 BCE, after conquering the Nanda Empire when he was only about 20 years old.

His achievements, which ranged from conquering Macedonian satrapies in the northwest and conquering the Nanda Empire by the time he was only about 20 years old, to achieving an alliance with Seleucus I Nicator and establishing centralized rule throughout South Asia, remain some of the most celebrated in the history of India. Over two thousand years later, the accomplishments of Chandragupta and his successors, including Ashoka the Great, are objects of great study in the annals of South Asian and world history.

Chandragupta established a strong centralized state with a complex administration at Pataliputra, which, according to Megasthenes, was “surrounded by a wooden wall pierced by 64 gates and 570 towers— (and) rivaled the splendors of contemporaneous Persian sites such as Susa and Ecbatana.”

And all this civilization and the buzz of life, a creation of power and prosperity, the secret to the empire was the river Ganga.
Or fondly called by The West as the ” Ganges “.

In her prime, She rages along a thousand five hundred miles of fertile land, to this day, a spectacle of modern era.

And one of the most audacious asset of the Mauryan Empire.
The Pataliputra Built right along the bed, with majestic balconies and views, for a life fit for the king.

Of a social, care-free and a free world that the Mauryan Empire bought, and the lessons of peace and governance it taught, to this day it remains, the most magnificent page in the book of India.

And truly does it reflect the India today. The culture within and the pride.

I am, oh certainly, a proud Indian.

” Suffering comes from desire ” – Buddha.