Love, Conquer, Bliss

Light, reason, we see those times,
Over ends as reached, through means unknown,
Vile men conquer on as we honest forlorn,
Ever be joy, bliss, you solitary soul.

Long nights stay, and lovers separate,
Of these pitiful days you say not,
Veer thy mind and body, veer to the good, veer!
Ever be joy, bliss, you solitary soul.

Lost in time, lost among doers bad,
Out you come, rise, rise above this broken land,
Vast lands await unseen, conquer, be vile!
Ever be joy, bliss, you solitary soul.

Child’s Play!

This play of mine, mega sized to be,
in a world that’s not so far as believed,
but to reach there tonight you should
not have any troubles, that’s troubling.

Love, fun and freedom, these words that are now
rhyming in your heart and actions, you should be.
stars and stars up above, so pretty and bright they’re,
feels so light, I’ll fly and reach up and play with ’em all.

Come come one n all, free this play will be,
See me in play, laugh, clap and cry with me.
On this bright, beautiful star-struck evening.
Oh let’s unite tonight against all that’s bad, and forever be free.


Creeping up unto my brain, over my icy rigid veins,
Raging thoughts so bestial and foul, my heart is marred of black stains.
O free me from this pain, free me from this feral beast,
Or It’s sooner to the day this blight shan’t be of any, in the least!
Kind in deeds, in soul and shape, resting with Gods, I’ll say,
End is nigh, think right and true, or you won’t see another day.
Darkness, not light, greets you in death, if you’re just a Crooked ol’ man.