I see you now

When to the nether worlds you elope
When on the lands beneath you tread
I see you, sore and forlorn

You are freedom and you are fire
Why then have you forgotten your place
Among gods, bathed in divinity

You are an explorer, a pioneer
Why then do you not rise with the sun
Shine bright like the stars in the breathless sky

When hope pervades your heart
When bliss isn’t far
I see you, eager and spirited

To that which you can be
To worlds you cannot fathom in the dark
Be the light, be the light

Rest not until you are awake
Fear not until you are alive
I see you now, I see you now

Melody of the mind

Oh oh oh the sanguine day
cometh with the sun’s ray
the ambience brimmed with verve
and the occasional bird’s chirp

Beauty, and all adjectives
redefined, for a meaning finer.
the thin line that separates,
the sane real world, and it.

In a new aeon of sorts,
beyond the age of quantum field theories
a new planet to live in
and a rush of blood.

A very contemporary life,
just a motel up the sea,
livin’ it through and through,
and acknowledging the abstract.

Is it a dream come true?
oh my, but it looks real good
Pinch my hand, pinch it hard
and feel the rhythm of my heart

Its something new and super
its a life of calm
just sit and listen quiet
to the world around,

Oh oh oh the sanguine night
cometh with the moon’s shine
the ambience brimmed with love
and the occasional owl’s hoot

Majesty, and Mystery defines my song
I will oh look and look
at the beautiful sea
the sea of life, and of tranquillity.

Now I take out my flute
and play a low-pitched song,
to heal you,
and heal us, from it all.

And the notes hit into the night
mixed with the air
a cold breeze hit my head
and took me away.

In this dream of mine,
a dream in which i fly
over cities and through the skies
come along I’ll take you with,

A fee there is, to pay,
a smile on your face
and belief in Peace and Joy,
ticket to this dream of mine.

Oh oh oh the sanguine day
cometh with the sun’s ray
and on the field of grass i lay
relishing, enjoying this happy life of mine.

Indian Glory

The pride of being a denizen
Of the country so vast and magical
And glory as its epithet,
Is ignited.

Beyond the realms of mankind
A god in whom we trust
Laughs, for he knows
He has flawed in his greatest creation

A flaw that we must
Introspect within us
And when we realize the truth
Our faith decides destiny.

And in this land of mystery
A land of immense power and magic
We battle,
A battle for our survival

A flaw that coerced joy
The battle deluded the mind
and the fate that followed
Is decided by him and only him.

Diversity is a humble word
To express the magnitude of man
Enduring the lifestyle it has to offer
Bearing, enjoying, relishing.

In this cycle of emotion
There is darkness.
A profane enemy lurking,
Waiting for his gamble.

The flaw, a twisted mind
And of no respect to human values
A pervert aroused.
For he lurks in us, beware.

And we introspect, this very moment
To curb the deviant, and a desperate plea
O lord! Help us defy the flaw.
And fight the virus which has the potential.

And thus does faith determine
The true road to destiny.
But the shield that still binds us
Is the fact we are still denizens of this land.

And when we fight, we unite
Against the profane and the pervert.
The enemy which has lured us into battle.
And thus we are, true to our kind.

Faith, unity, and Mother Nature
The elements intertwined,
Gives us a light, the answer
To man’s supplication.