Time Travel

It was on a rainy day. The rain was savage and relentless, pouring down on innocent earthlings. And when you start thinking about nature and its infinite animus, seeming yet bare; you go into spirals of unending thoughts. Thoughts which lead you to draw something like this.

Ten Reasons why you should love Geography – Part III

Those days.

Your index finger is stuck in your nostril. Knickers are loose, falling off. You bend down, Shoes are undone. Clumsy, in your own world. Your friends tease you for being late always. That girl sitting across gives you a quick look.

Yes, I’m talking about school.

India is a country that churns out more mathematicians and programmers than the entire population of many countries. Here we are brought up in believing a greater force. Although I have noticed a warming trend of alternative education these days, but essentially India is a mass production company that produces computer programmers. I am one of its products.

This mass production has somehow fuelled our economy, it’s fine now, chugging along. Relentlessly. We are all but a democratic republic of equal rights, marred by this ridiculous policy of quota.


[The Scene] The quintessential Urban Indian School.

Grades 1 to 7, if you are in a modestly above average school, time somehow flies with episodes of cartoons, inky hands, and un-submitted home-works. The real fun is just beginning. The Zenith of schooling, I’d say is the 8th grade, because it’s such a subtle yet prolific jump from a pre adolescent, innocent, nose goo, loose knickers part of your life to something profound. Something invisible comes and hits you. Hits you hard in your head — responsibility.

Some of us accept it and take the road that is taken, some of us don’t, we challenge civilization, we challenge the way of life, we take the road not taken. The former becomes an engineer, doctor, businessman and the typical. The latter becomes a world traveler, a blogger, a photographer, a musician and the untypical.

I have a tryst with the latter.

I’m a computer engineer by profession, I’m a product of a society that was ruled by looters and rapists. I’m a denizen of a country that has been plundered of its exotic cultures. I don’t understand our system.

Geography classes were always fascinating.

That feeling when the teacher draws out a map of the world from underneath the blackboard. You look out of the window, and you think to yourself, I want to see what’s out there. I want to meet the world that isn’t a part of this mechanical engine fuelled by greed. I want to be one with the world.

Those stories about the bushmen of Africa, and those about German soldiers in France. ( ‘The Last lesson’ – Class 12, CBSE ). The poems of Robert frost. They make you think, don’t they?

Schooling is what you are.

Enjoy the Geography class. Chances are, you’ll never be having one again.

The Magnificent Fairy tale of the Oriental Roach.

Stinky and sore in the eye
the rat walked past the sewage of sin
it was his world, his empire
nobody would dare take it from him
not even the wily cockroach of the east

He had won the fight against him
the ruler of the underworld,
the great king of stink, Lord Lizard
Now they looked at him in awe,
for he was the lord of sin

(Time Rewind by a few whatever..)

The age, eons after a terrible nuclear war
A holocaust too terrible to endure
They had all been gone, forever.
And a new age had begun
The age of Roaches, Lizards and Rats

Higher up in the cycle
lived the lonesome lizards of the far north
most terrific and awe-inspiring!
rats and lizards and roaches of all parts
went and seeked spiritual solace under them.

And down under’ were the skippers of the east
who could run an entire desert without a sweat
Skill and honor balancing tightly on the rope
They were hired by those cunning chinese roaches
to terminate the ever calm lizards of the north

War after war, Only now the rats untouched
they were all too happy
ushering in an underground civilization
in a triumphant era of post-nuclear awesomeness
They were feared for their secrecy and bloody wit

And among these undergroundees, there was,
a paladin of magnificence to be true
His name, Rit the Ratter III, carrying a legacy
on his back, unsubdued by the babbles of roaches
and lizards, and a mundane conjecture of peace

So, the allies of the roaches comes with a plan
and propose to the spiritual lizards of the north
Why quarrel amongst us, for this unfinished land
while those bloody undergroundees endure as ever
and usher in a golden glow sans gold

Now, come to think of it said Lord Lizard
the great king of the North,
these skippers here have a good feet
and the rattlers have promised us help
we can take em down and bask in that glow (sans gold)!

Don’t trust him said the Lord’s Uncle
a great veteran of the war
‘Those cunning roaches won’t stop at nothin’
said he, in his hushy tone as ever,
‘Now now uncle, don’t get carried away’ said Our Lord.

Uncle Lizard had seen the Indians and Chinese talk
he had been there and seen it all
those roaches were the strongest and smartest of all
and a billion of ’em overflowing the gullies and docks
‘we’ll never stand chance against them for sure’

A treaty is a treaty and Lord agreed
so the Roaches of the Orient
with the support of the skippers from down under
and Lord Lizard’s Glorious army
went west to conquer the Magnificent Sewage of the Sin

Now the story of The Sewage,
is a heritage told by every mother to ‘er young one
Its an honor, for those secret Rats
and an honor is never to be questioned
A long long time ago…

There were idiots called humans
and they killed themselves
and with them they took all those trees and land
and agriculture and rivers and blah etc blah
all that remained were the underground Kingdoms

The kingdoms formed a brilliant network
of interconnecting passageways of the west
as they were known by the roaches’
Sewage of Sin, they fondly called it
and how true it was.

The Rats had an army, so strong
that the roaches of the orient
had feared them for long
but sheer cockpower on their side
and with the lizards and skippers too

A chance they had to conquer the glow
The glow that had eluded them for long
Of food, sex and a lifestyle that was wrong
young roaches and lizards signed up for the attack
They planned it great, oh so very true

Now Uncle of the Lord was made the Gambit pawn
He was made to go talk to the Ratter III
and comeout with a treaty that was horribly wrong
The rats had to be the slaves of us
or perish!

Lord Lizard was frontline regiment
he led the horrible huns of the east
and the Wily Roach from India
who was supposedly a wizard
took the east flank of the tunnels

Now, not agreeing to the proposal
Rit the Ratter III, furious,
Summoned his Invincible army of biting basterds
The battle was looking horrible
and a holocaust, the second was looming.

It started, the battleground was bloody
and deaths and sufferings were plenty
Ratter led from front and took down the stink king
Lord Lizard was defeated.
( This brings us to the scene where we started)

He thought he was unconquerable
but he hadn’t known
for he was taken down by the wily roach
in a magnificent display of art
War, Peace, it didn’t matter no more

The Roaches of the orient had won
cunning, oh how cunning they were
and now Lord Lizard was dead too
Skippers and rattlers were loyal to ’em
and Spiritual northies were under their rule

The Rats, the lizards had come under
a Monarchy, An empire built by those roaches
An empire so vast and prosperous
they had little or no hope
It was sheer awesome power.

(Fastforwarding the Clock by a few whatever..)

Many eons had passed
since the humans had perished
and the lizards and rats had come under the
roaches empire, a period of awe
History was in the making.

The headquarters in Eastern Himalayas
They were the rice loving courtiers
the roaches were a fine lot, they were
politics, culture, sport, architecture
an era of monetary ups!

(Fastforward a little more…)

Sun Becomes Red giant!
Earth No More!

The Prophecy That Is

If only i had a chance to make things better
For they aren’t any fair now, never

Oh, i could build cities n’ kingdoms
None too many to eradicate our ambits
Love and plenty in each and every
Young and alike, no more foreboding

I have tried, and i will so on,

Had i had a say, in his divine play,
Augmented on this reality of our tale,
Dancing, merry, and a concord, yet faraway.

A wisdom, stark, and on my face.

Crimson, and raw the dusk sets
Higher powers in its play
Anger, Age, and no other humanly in the fray
Nigh, the time draws, so slow and soft
Creeping unto mortality, bare, and bitten
Elegies and sobs, and an old violin say

Together and only thus, a song is sung
Of erased pasts and a united dominion.

Make a wish, and whistle into the air,
And listen, listen close, she’ll say,
Kings and commanders have come this way,
Enduring what i have bequeathed.

The days that were, and those that will be,
Hurdles that there were, and those that are,
Incepting the fact, of pervert men and sinful too,
Notwithstanding a force this strong,
Gore and death that followed, a bout of blasphemy
Sans a box, to put these sins back in,

Beloved and all, see it and sing, a song of accord,
Edge it out of your lives, the sorrow and ire,
Transcend beyond, for we aren’t meant this way,
To a happy life, and no qualms or despair,
Enervate that greed, and do it now,
Reality will not last for another epoch.

Ticket Master Mr. Kari King

Bold n’ beautiful Mr. Kari was
Emerging from his abysmal sleep, yawn!
Agape, he sat, darn it was three, and cloudy too
Unswerving routine that he has had, for years now
To the loo, and then, when, who?
Yet time till four, the arrival of the rail engine

Boohoo, and the ever long list
Egregiously beckoning him, oh la-di-da-da,
Yip yip he sipped his usual dark coffee
Out and about, wearing his black coat
Nonetheless, his white collar tie too, mind it please.
Doing his thing, waiting for the four-o-clock train,

Dull and quiet the afternoon was,
Reverberating the siesta town the train roared in,
Every man’s dream, a quiet afternoon’s sleep
And Mr. Kari with his ticket-check list,
Moved through the compartments of the 80’s beast,
Seasons and trains, and of ticket master Mr. Kari King.


This will be my contribution to Jingle’s Poets Rally Week 34

Oh, Do read the first letters of each line too 🙂

Ten reasons why you should love Geography – Part I

A Sunday afternoon game of Hangman.

Who wouldn’t have done this one.

[Scene: Sunny, On the Balcony,  A book and a pencil,  A cup of coffee, and a person you like]

Places. Cities. Countries. ( A reminder of the brilliant landscapes )

A Quadrillion of ’em. Waiting to be Hangman-ed away.













How it’s played:

One of you choose a place in your mind ( secretively) . You write down blank spaces on the paper, as the number of letters in the place, for the other one to guess it letter by letter. He/She can get a letter wrong 7 times. ( H a n g m a n).

Say the place you choose is ” India “. you write _ _ _ _ _ , for the other one to fill. If he says ‘y’ which is not in ‘India’. He loses his ‘H’ and then ‘a’ and ‘n’ … till ‘n’ of the word ‘hangman’. If he says ‘i’, then you have to fill the I’s ” I _ _ _ i _ ” . He keeps guessing till he gets the place you thought, or loses.

Ah, the fun.

*Sips Coffee*


An Alien Invasion.



Yes, yes, yes. We’ve all debated on this for eons. and then the next eon.and the next.

“Humans are strange people. They fight for land, women, and a ridiculous thing called money.” – A famous alien.

Gee, Mr. Alien, thank you very much.

Wait, For all of you who DO NOT believe aliens exist. I pity. Deep Deep Deep Pity. *sighs, and mutters under breath* Oh please wake up. The biggest number you can even fathom, the universe is much bigger than that. Heard about probability? We just can’t be alone, in such an epic conjecture. Oh plus, we have UFO’s, conspiracy theories et cetera et cetera.  End of story. aliens exist.

P.S for more clarifications on existence of aliens and their behavioral patterns, Google – aliens, SETI, Stephen Hawking, you’ll get there.


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The world as we see it today is beautiful. very, very beautiful. ( yeah all carbon emission shit aside )

And we are irksomely mundane to realize that, to realize a civilization like us is nothing but covet-able, a system so profound and mutilating to outsiders, we take it for granted. we live in harmony. we have energy to exploit. we have the female species to recreate. we have music. we have blue skies and color perception. we have water. we have peace.

For all we know, the situation could be MUCH MUCH worse else where. ( indicating to our future too if we continue this blasphemous lifestyle of us ).

Yes an alien civilization may have depleted all their resources and fed on their home planet to move on as scavengers searching for an energy source. They may be un-subjective to emotions or love or other human tendencies. To kill may be Normal in their physics. To Deplete and move on may be  a law in their government, and planet earth could be the next hit list in their grocery supply spree.















[ Scene: Aliens Now Everywhere altering the world ]

Alien Affairs Minister: You should Leave NOW!

Mr. Alien:  ^&)$%#2*()3^$$#@#_(#(9i

Alien Affairs Minister: <er>












We may not understand them.

Our strongest nukes may not even be a speck in their arsenal.

” All we can do is sit and eat popcorn”

While they alter our planet and suck on the resources and change the landscape forever.

Love Geography. Love Planet Earth.


Human Beings



” We are the only reason for us to suffer ” – Me.



[ to be continued ]


A Day in The Mauryan Empire

A remarkable day, it had had to be, for when Chanakya, The Philosopher and the keeper of the secrets of Politics saw what an emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya would make, and oh how right he was.

Elsewhere Alexander the great had left the far east in Ruins, and the Nanda Dynasty Ruling Northern Plains centring around The Majestic Ganges was left weak. Chandra Gupta, was the face of a new world.

A world which had for so long eluded the west. A Magical gateway to bliss and beyond, voices of sweet spring of civilization. He would go on to build an empire so vast and powerful, It would make the greek look silly. An Empire so modern and civilized, Megasthenes had no words for it.

The Maurya Empire when it was first founded by Chandragupta Maurya circa 320 BCE, after conquering the Nanda Empire when he was only about 20 years old.

His achievements, which ranged from conquering Macedonian satrapies in the northwest and conquering the Nanda Empire by the time he was only about 20 years old, to achieving an alliance with Seleucus I Nicator and establishing centralized rule throughout South Asia, remain some of the most celebrated in the history of India. Over two thousand years later, the accomplishments of Chandragupta and his successors, including Ashoka the Great, are objects of great study in the annals of South Asian and world history.

Chandragupta established a strong centralized state with a complex administration at Pataliputra, which, according to Megasthenes, was “surrounded by a wooden wall pierced by 64 gates and 570 towers— (and) rivaled the splendors of contemporaneous Persian sites such as Susa and Ecbatana.”

And all this civilization and the buzz of life, a creation of power and prosperity, the secret to the empire was the river Ganga.
Or fondly called by The West as the ” Ganges “.

In her prime, She rages along a thousand five hundred miles of fertile land, to this day, a spectacle of modern era.

And one of the most audacious asset of the Mauryan Empire.
The Pataliputra Built right along the bed, with majestic balconies and views, for a life fit for the king.

Of a social, care-free and a free world that the Mauryan Empire bought, and the lessons of peace and governance it taught, to this day it remains, the most magnificent page in the book of India.

And truly does it reflect the India today. The culture within and the pride.

I am, oh certainly, a proud Indian.

” Suffering comes from desire ” – Buddha.