The Book Merchant & The Girl

My legs hurt as I hide the tear
Dropping down this wrinkled face, my dear
How much longer will this old man
How much longer will he and can?
Buy these books that I sell
Buy them and I will tell
The story of my morbidly aching back
Oh why do you look at me like you’ll attack?

I try my best to look away
Yet he looks, ogles at my hair sway
Look, I’ve had a lover or two
And you’re not my type, let it through
Stop your gaze and do some good
Be a gentleman as everyone should
Your hairless head and disfigured face
Should be enough to make my case

Since yesterday evening I’ve sold just one
I make a rupee and my dinner isn’t done
Buy this book please my lord
It’ll be the food that I can afford
The sun is harsh and has made me weak
My death bed is near and I shall no more seek
Nor wealth nor home, that’s not what I need
A sip of water and bowl of rice, a mere day’s feed

I’ll make sure you know I’ve noticed you stare
Look at me again with your idiotic glare
Now I’ll turn for good, and give it away
For Gods sake, know your place and stay
You’re old and desperate for love, I say,
Why not go to a harem where the girl will be okay
With your creepy looks and balding head
She’ll go down, up and even ahead

My lord, I beg you now
In months I haven’t lit my stove
My body is giving up, and my mind too
Buy one book, and I’ll give you a clue
There’s a bigger destiny here and I surely know
Once you have a book, I’ll gladly show
Like a receding dark rain cloud in the skies
Our destinies are in tightly knit knots and ties

“Go away old man”, I said with my charming looks
I don’t want to buy any of your stupid books
Your pale white skin is getting on my nerve
Move away, and let me see the damsel with the nice curve
These roses ought to be fine I claimed
I proposed and she sorely said,
“You’re ugly, but I still stood”
“If only you’d bought the books from my grandpa, you ugly dud.”


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