Ire That Fired Madmen Kickass!

I be the fire storm, doomed forever
I be the rage, shall deeply requiem,
to lie more, abhor, betray forever,
for ever, shall punish haughty bastards,
cocky scuzzy atheist dawdlers!


I was thinking about abusing lethargy in a satire, but somehow ended up with the above poem. My idea was to embody myself as an incarnation of ire, fire and all things red, and see what happens when this force of fury comes in contact with a Sunday afternoon fool who’s obliviously lazing around.

However, the above piece turned out quite differently, and I leave it up to you to really decide what’s happening up there (maybe it’s something, and maybe it’s nothing) – but don’t forget to figure out the Fibonacci series and some Arithmetic Progression hidden in the words above!


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