Tides That Swept Tor – Part I

In the year of Ninety Nine, there was a singer in the town of Tor,
Loud was his voice and clear his throat, he sung all night by the shore,
Over and over, almost forever, his ballads calmed the people and the sea,
Vile monsters that roamed far north, dared not come by Tor and be,
Else the melancholy strain their hearts and it be corroded away!
Per house in tor, in temple and church, fathers and mothers say,
Old Singer by the shore, respect him kids, for he’s the paladin unsung,
Entrenched in his shack, old as the southern mountains yet young,
Today his song, deep in its wisdom, and of ancient lore,
Reverberated the town of Tor; every boy, girl and adult wanted more!
Yet his pain, unknown and uncared, everyone knew not of ’em.


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