Finding Paradise

In this tongue of lesser men, I beseech,
Days have weathered me, sedate and solemn,
In my dreams that I’ve begun to see,
My mind is confounded and confused.

What is right, and what isn’t,
Who is to be heard and who isn’t,
Where to go and where not to,
Whom to be with and whom without.

Earnestly I beg, hear me,
take me to a higher world,
to walk among gods, if there are any,
for this world isn’t where I am meant to be.

Is there a purpose, for me to be?
Is there a reason, for this, that I am?
Is there an answer, to who I am?
Is there something, that I need do?

I shall, walk this path, unburdened and free,
For I haven’t found an excuse to contravene,
Hear my words, oh traveler of time and thought,
Be true, and let paradise sink thy heart.


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