The Tale of our spin

The moon, up and about
when time hit its note
pale and abstruse he stood
his demeanor, wise and kingly.

but there he was, and then wasn’t
dawn it was, as the clock ticked on
And thus he came,
eponym to the billion or so.

The Sun in his chariot,
golden and glowing, smiled down
on his nine minions, for now.
everything was happy and glorious

so near he stands now,
swelling on his own fodder.
to act paladin, and yet that
look, savage and baleful

for without the cloth
on our mother’s bosom,
the yin unbalanced, he flares
his ire, and his life, lurks.

the existence itself, an infant
for now he isn’t pervert enough
but surely, we have misunderstood
for our father, isn’t a bloody cheat.

is it all a fabric woven before?
seemingly incapable of adjustments?
oh please do answer,
the reason of the system.


– is my contribution to, Thursday Poets Rally Week 27

25 thoughts on “The Tale of our spin

  1. Thursday Poets Rally Week 27 (August 26-Sept 1, 2010) | Jingle

  2. great,
    I welcome you in with open arms,

    this poem is selected,
    let me know after you are done,
    visit and comment from participants list, do a minimum 18,
    of course, the more you visit, the more feedback you get,
    have fun!

  3. Whoa!!! That was lovely… and one could read in between those lines and fine another dimension to it altogether!!
    It was a fascinating read!!!
    “nine minions, for now” — loved it! 🙂

    • a toast to the English language and its expressionist vocabulary eh 🙂
      Much appreciated coming from such a talented player of the words. thank you.

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