The Happy Prefix

and thus i realized,
what joy precedes.
a feeling uncanny,
and a lousy explanation.

i seek in u
what i sought in none before.
and a fee i have to pay
for what in this world comes free?

to earn it i have-
laid my life apart.
slogged my brains out,
and cooked fiascos.

a perfection of art,
but not gifted alas.
try, i have.
oh! just ask them!

and now the fruits
of my lousy trials.
the patience is thin,
but is it ripe ?

a life fulfilled.
is not what i seek.
weird, i know!
but no fun though.

alas, no money or joy.
can bring the feeling
when u see the person
who u live for.

and that is a joy,
which doesnt precede sadness.


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